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How To Add Cover Thumbnail in You Tube Shorts - 2023


 How To Add Cover Thumbnail in You Tube Shorts - 2023

How To Add Cover Thumbnail in You Tube Shorts - 2023

Hello Guys, Welcome to our new article. This article is for those who want grow their You Tube Shorts channel.  In this article I am gonna show how to attractive and unique thumbnail for you tube shorts. So please read this article completely.

I will divide this article in two parts. In the first part I will tell you how you can apply cover thumbnail in shorts. 

Part 1: How to Apply Cover Thumbnail

Before getting into the main part we will understand what actually is cover thumbnail. When you open your You Tube, you can see various shorts videos. The first photo you can see is called thumbnail. The more attractive it will, you can get more views.

For applying attractive thumbnail in Shorts Follow the Steps mentioned below:

  1. Make Sure You have already  updated your You tube. If not the update it from Google Play 
  2. Open You Tube. Click On '+' icon below. Then Click on Create A Short.
  3. Now Select the short you have to upload. The click on tick icon.
  4. Click on pencil icon on your short.
  5. You can see various photo you want to select for thumbnail.
  6. Select your thumbnail of your choice using slider.
  7. Click on upload short to upload it.

Tips For Attractive Thumbnail

  1. Choose the Thumbnail which include famous personalities.
  2. You can select emotional photos. Or some catchy photo. 
  3. Always keep in mind that the thumbnail should be attractive and should curious people to watch your short.

Part 2:  How thumbnail Works

  • The main purpose behind thumbnail is to attract more viewers for your shorts. Basically there are 4 sources for getting better views. 
  • If you have best and attractive thumbnail you get directly recommended to You Tube Shorts.
  • You can get views by Suggested menu in Videos. If you have good thumbnail people will click Short to watch.
  • Your Short also be recommended in Search Section if you have good caption and title.
  • Last is your channel page. If Someone new have visit your channel and you have thumbnail he will click to watch it.


I hope you like our Article about Shorts Thumbnail. If you follow all our tips or steps then you can get more views on You tube Shorts. If you really like our article then share this with your friends and have any query Put Comment below!!

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