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Name Idea For YouTube Channel - How To Find ?


Name Idea For YouTube Channel - How To Find Channel Name ?

Name Idea for YouTube Channel, this is the best article for you TO FIND A CRAZY & UNIQUE YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME for your YouTube channel, So there are some important points that should be kept in mind while making your channel name, after reading out this full article your mind is going to give you crazy name ideas or YouTube channel name for YouTube Channel, and you can easily figure out your channel name ?

Name Idea For YouTube Channel


Choosing a good channel name can be beneficial for your audience :

  • Your audience can easily remember your channel name and search whenever they want.
  • It’s going to easy for them to get into your channel very easily.
  • People are going to remember you through your channel name in future.
  • Your name is going to play a very important role for making your own personal branding in future.
  • Choosing a memorable channel name for your YouTube channel is going to help you in future.
  • Choosing a memorable YouTube channel name can attract your subscriber and it is going to stand out in whole YouTube crowd where people are making so much of YouTube channel these days.

Consider Your Niche and Audience

Before making or your YouTube channel name consider your niche like in which niche you are going to work what type of audience you’re going to target. eg :

  • Like there is a YouTube channel name called Facttechz so by seeing his channel name you can say that this channel is going to give you fact videos
  • There is a channel name called Algrow so the word is Al comes from algorithm and Gro comes from growth basically he combines both algorithm and growth word together to find his channel name that is going to appeal attractive and unique to the audience.

  • So by using these types of wordplay you can figure out your channel name like what it can be your channel name, you can combine two words from your niche, in which you are going to work for your YouTube channel and by combining two different words from your niche by manipulating those two different words from your niche you can figure out your YouTube channel name.

How to find those two words from your niche ?

First of all check your niche in which you are working and try to gather some words from your niche like
  • If you are making content around Tech, try to collect some words regarding Tech like you can use Technical, automation, software, Internet, nanotechnology, robotics biotechnology, virtual reality
  • And after getting all these types of word related to your category, The channel in which you are working and making content around, write it down all the niche related words in your notepad or notebook,

Brainstorming Name Ideas

  • And after writing down all the words in your notebook try to join them two different words, try to manipulate those Word basically play with those words and find channel name that sound interesting.
  • You can use these methods like you can combine keywords, puns, alliteration and you can basically use wordplay to create a unique and catchy name for your YouTube channel.
  • You can also use some online tools that can be found on the internet like the thesaurus, domain name generator or social media name generator or Youtube channel name generator you can basically search it and by using those tools you can get some ideas from there like you can get some inspiration from there some keywords from there
Here are some online tools that can be useful for finding your YouTube channel check it out :

Evaluating and Testy Your Name Ideas

And when you got a name for your YouTube channel like after lots of research you finally found a YouTube channel name that sounds good so you have to check these 4 parameters for that channel name
  • Memorability
  • clarity
  • relevance
  • and availability
- You can also get some advice from your friends family members like what type of feedback they are giving for your channel name, maybe you can get some extra point of view from the perspective of audience in order to find your YouTube channel name.

- You can also conduct a survey or poll on your Instagram stories like you can compare two channel names and you can put a story on your Instagram account and you have to tell the audience your Instagram followers to vote for the name which sound interesting to them, and by seeing Instagram poll results you can conclude like for which Channel name your most of the Instagram followers voted for.

Finalising Your Name and Create A Brand Identity

  • By following all those tips that I have given you in the top of the article
  • by taking all the feedback from your family members, from your Instagram followers, from friends
  • by brainstorming all the channel name ideas
  • by playing around with words by manipulating it by combining it
- Now it’s high time to finalise a YouTube channel name that is going to your final name for your YouTube channel that is going to your identity in YouTube industry.

- No after that find a colour theme that goes around your brand make a channel logo for your YouTube channel create a tagline or slogan that suits your category or the content you are making put those slogans and tagline in your description in your videos you can use it anywhere in order to increase your self-branding.


Key points of the article :
  1. Brainstorm your ideas
  2. Try to make your YouTube channel name around your content or
  3. you can also make yourself as a brand so you can use your name as a channel name
  4. Choose an easy simple and memorable name for your YouTube channel
  5. Your channel name should be short and it should be unique
  6. And your channel name should be easy to pronounce so that anyone can refer it to their friends

After reading this article if you are going to take action we are going to hard work we are going to brainstorm the different name for your YouTube channel then it’s going to work for you but after reading out this article if you close your phone close your laptop and you are doing nothing you need to find a YouTube channel for your channel so it’s going to nothing for you so start figuring out your YouTube channel name and use the tips and tricks that I mentioned about the article and I hope and I am hundred percent sure that you are going to come up with a crazy YouTube channel name if you are you going to use my tips and trick that I mentioned in my article so it’s a high time to find a YouTube channel name for your new branded channel so let’s go and do your work.


Ques 1 -What should I name my YouTube channel?

Ans : Your YouTube channel name must should align with your niche, the type of content you are making, or you can use your name as brand

Ques 2 - How do I find a unique channel name?

Ans : 
  1. Don't go faster
  2. Choose a creative and attractive name
  3. Check multiple time is your channel name is really unique and attractive
  4. Easy to spell & pronounce
  5. Short channel name can be more memorable

Ques 3 - What is the best youtuber name?

Ans : 
  1. Mr beast
  2. KSI
  3. Logan Paul
  4. Carryminati
  5. Facttechz
  6. Total Gaming

Ques 4 - How do I pick a good YouTube username?

Ans : 
  1. Choose a name that indicates your content or brand.
  2. Use the same username across all your social media accounts.
  3. Your youtube channel name should be memorable, easy to spell and pronounce.
  4. Brainstorm with your ideas to pick a crazy youtube channel name.

Ques 5 : How long can your name be on YouTube?

Ans : YouTube allows names of up to 60 characters, but the more short your channel name is, the more people going to remember it.

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