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5 New Cathy Background Music For Fact Videos : 2023 Edition 🔥



5 New Cathy Background Music For Fact Videos : 2023 Edition 🔥

5 New Cathy Background Music For Fact Videos : 2023 Edition 🔥

Hello guys in this article I am going to help you again by sharing 5 exclusive catchy background music for your fact YouTube videos, all these background music are very catchy and soothing that you can use to hook your audience which leads to increasement in AVD (average views duration) or watch time, which is the ultimate goal of all youtubers.

Importance Of Background Music

All video creators these days actively participate in sound design, now influencers or youtubers are making content by breaking YouTube boundaries. So in order to create a 5 star video you need to focus on sound design which includes sound effects, background music, pacing of the music etc.

Specially when you make a fact short video, literally you have only 60 seconds to showcase your content so the decide to watch your short by first 3 to 5 second, when you play with catchy background music it hooks your audience and to make them to watch your full shorts, it is necessary to use good background music in your shorts.

All These 5 Background Music Are :

  • Exclusive - Only on haiderakin channel 
  • Catchy - All background music has hip hop and trap beats which attracts viewers
  • Copyright Free - No copyright, use it in your video

All Background Music List

1. Eyes In The Puddle

2. Molly Hip Hop Beat

3. The Mafia

4. C.B.P.D

5. Cat Walk

How To Download ?

  1. Click on the download button
  2. All the download buttons are given below the mentioned background music
  3. Just click on it
  4. Then you’re going to land on media fire
  5. Just click on download there
  6. Done

Is It Copyright Free ?

Yes, all these 5-background music are copyright free.
Credit : If you want you can give credit like this
Background Music : Mixkit.com
In your video description, if you don’t want it’s ok no problem!


Now it’s all your work, download the best background music and use it in your upcoming projects to increase your engagements.
If you have download problem you can contact me through Instagram, just send this to me
Bgm download problem + Screenshot ( what problem )
Dm : Less chances to get noticed ( a lot of dm’s drop daily )
Story mention : Higher chances to get noticed ( low traffic )
Instagram id : @haiderakin

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