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How To Make Facts Thumbnail Like FactStar


 How To Make Facts Thumbnail Like FactStar

Hello friends, Do you want to make Thumbnail like FactStar, then this post will help you a lot in making Thumbnail like FactStar.

if you work as a creator on Youtube, then you will know how important a thumbnail is to get views on Youtube.

Thumbanail works as an effective form of YouTube. Your thumbnail works to increase the CTR of your channel. And as much as the CTR of your channel is high, the growth of your channel is also similar. 

Here you are going to get thumbnail related to only FactStar. Anyway if you also want to make a fact channel like him a thumbnail then So you need three things for this. But yes Don't kill the whole copy for this you own something Make sure to use Creativity.

Download all of these emoji, Shadow, Font given link.

Emoji Download link


Shadow Download link 


Font Download link 


So friends, these four things should come to make you thumbnail like factstar

  3. STRIP
  4. Emoji
Using all these things, you can make thumbnail like fact star. So let's learn.

Note: Apart from these three, you must have a photo related to the topic.

 If you follow all the steps given here, then only you will be able to make thumbnail like factstar.If you follow all the steps given here, then only you will be able to make thumbnail like factstar. So look at the steps carefully and follow.

First you must have pixellab. If not, you can download it from play store. After downloading pixellab.

1. First of all open pixellab.

2. Select New text then delete it.

3. Click on the top three dot on the right side then Click on use image from gallery.

4. After selecting the photo from the gallery, select the 16:9 ratio.

5.  After selecting 16:9 ratio, click on right button given below as photo.

6. Click on the third icon from the bottom as shown in the photo. Now we will make the border.

7. After click on shape as shown in the photo.

8. here you can see squareshape. feel the whole border as shown in the photo.

9. After That You will do Opacity Zero (0) as shown in the photo.

10. Keep the Stroke Width at 15%. You can keep your own as well.

11. Select the color of the border. As we have chosen orange.

12. Click on Layer. as shown in the photo 

13. After clicking on the layer, lock it by clicking on the lock icon. As shown in the photo.

Here your border work is completed. Now we will make a Strip.

14. Click on Shape to create a Strip. As shown in photo.

15. Make the shape as shown in the photos.

16. Adjust It and choose the color of it. As shown in photo.

17. After That Click on Shape. As shown in photo.

18. You have to Adjust the square. As shown in photo.

19. Click on Layer Section and click on the icon As shown in photo.

20. Select All of them and click on third icon of As shown in photo.

21. Here you will click on ok As shown in photo.

22. After That You will click on erase image As shown in photo.

23. Here will see the square is now erased

24. Here you Adjust the Strip As shown in photo.

25. Click on Layer Section. Lock The Strip and border As shown in photo.

26. After That You click on import icon As shown in photo for getting shadow.

27. Here you select your black shadow from the gallery As shown in photo.

28. Now you can see the shadow is visible to the artboard As shown in photo.

29. After That You click on Layer Section As shown in photo.

30. you lower the shadow layer As shown in photo.

31. Now you will see that the shadow layer has gone behind the strip and the border. As shown in photo.

32. After That You click on Layer Section and lock the shadow layer. As shown in photo.

33. Here you click on the plus (+) icon. As shown in photo.

34. Click on edit icon and write your topic related word like I wrote "दुनिया की सबसे" As shown in photo.

35. After That Adjust the text As shown in photo.

36. Click on Font to secting your font As shown in photo.

37. Select Your font like I select Popins-Black As shown in photo.

38. After That You click on color for giving the text color As shown in photo.

39. Here you choose the text you want to color of it.  I select Yellow color As shown in photo.

40.  Here you Click on Stroke As shown in photo.

41. After That You click on Enable and you will see Stroke is now apply on the text As shown in photo.

42. Here you Copy the selected text As shown in photo.

43. Click on edit icon for writing new different text As shown in photo.

44. Here you will see I wrote "महंगी कार" As shown in photo.

45. After That You Adjust the Text on the Strip As shown in photo.

46. Now you click on Color icon for giving text color As shown in photo.

47. Choose the text you want colour of it. Like I Choosed "मंहगी" As shown in photo.

48. Here I Choosed Yellow color for the text As shown in photo. You choose own creativity.

49. Here you will see the text color is now Yellow As shown in photo.

50. After That You Copy the Text for new different text As shown in photo.

51. Now you Write own text like I Wrote "200 करोड़" As shown in photo.

52. Adjust The Text below the strip As shown in photo.

53. Here you can our thumbanail is now became ready As shown in photo. Now all you need is a Shocking Imoji, so let's put it.

54. Click on the Imort section to bring up the emoji As shown in photo.

55. Here you select the shocking imoji from the gallery As shown in photo.

56. After That Adjust the emoji and if you want to give stroke for good looking it's depends own your creativity As shown in photo.

56. Now Friends our Thumbnail is Ready.

57. Now it's time to save it. Click on save button to save. As shown in photo.

58. Here you click on "save as image" As shown in photo.

59. Now here you select formate jpg and diamantion very high as you want. In the last you click on save to gallary.

Now Your Thumbnail is saved to your gallary 

When you follow all these steps, then your thumbnail will also be ready like FactStar. Hope you liked this post.

Friends, a lot of hard work has gone into making this post. So please tell how did you like this post, definitely give your opinion in the comment box. Make sure to subscribe to us so that you do not miss the notification of a single post.

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